How To Install Interior Door Trim!

I just had my sunroom refinished by a contractor last summer. I opted to leave the trim work unfinished to save some money. Plus, I really wanted to learn how to do this on my own! This was my first time installing interior door trim. Here I will walk you through step by step how you to can easily DIY this project in your own home. As someone who was initially nervous and didn’t know what I was doing, I am here to tell you this is super simple for anyone out there! Here is the before of my door!

First I researched lots of different trim styles. I ultimately decided I wanted to match the same trim as my window in the same room. In case you missed it, my DIY window trim is linked here. Here is a picture of my window.

After deciding on my trim, I headed to the store and picked up my supplies. I decided to use primed MDF molding. There are several options you can choose from. I have linked all of the supplies I used – just click here. After I got everything I needed, I made my measurements and marked my margins around my door frame to plan where my trim would lie. I created a mark about an 1/8in from the inner part of the door frame all around the casing. This marking is a guide for where I will be installing the trim around the door. The reason for the 1/8in marking is to create some space away from the hinges.

After I measured, I was ready to make my cuts. The first pieces to install were the side trim pieces. I measured from the floor to the top mark of my door frame for both sides. I cute my trim at a straight 90 degree angle using my miter saw.

Then I used my nail gun and 2in brad nails to secure the trim into the studs. After you are done it will look something like this…

Next, I was ready to put up my remaining three trim pieces on the top of the door frame to finish the job. I measured from the outer edge to the opposite side outer edge of my vertical pieces of installed trim. I took this measurement then added an additional 3in. This 3in is to account for a 1.5in overhang on each side.

I laid my first piece, the 1×2, on it’s side on top of my door frame. I ensured it was even on both sides, then nailed with 2in brad nails in place.

Then place your wide trim piece, (the 5.5in) cut at the same length, directly on top like below. Ensure it is placed in the center, making sure your overhang is equal on each side.

Lastly place your last piece of trim, which is your last 1×2, on top of your wide trim piece. Again ensuring it is placed in the center, making sure your overhang is equal on each side. After your last trim piece is up your window will look like this.

You may also notice in the picture I finished installing my baseboards to complete the look. After all of the trim is put up, you are ready for wood filler, caulk, and paint.

After filling my nail holes with wood filler and caulking where the MDF meets the wall, all of the gaps and imperfections start to disappear and the trim began to look more finished. I then finished with paint. I chose the same color as the rest of my trim, Calico Cream. Here is how it came out!

I feel so accomplished finishing this door trim in my sunroom and it is such a rewarding feeling doing it on your own! I was initially intimated by this project, but I am here to tell you that you can do it if you follow these simple steps. For more DIYs be sure to follow me on Instagram @abbbclark_homeee. And, if you do this door trim be sure to tag me, I would love to check it out! Thanks for reading!

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