Sunroom Renovation – One Room Challenge – Week 2

Week two of the ORC sunroom renovation was actually pretty darn productive. Although it may not look like a huge transformation based off of pictures, a lot of work got done! Before I jump into the details, check out the One Room Challenge Blog Page to read about all of the other participant’s progress! I have had so much fun connecting with the other participants as we cheer each other on throughout the process.

This week I began by removing all of the trim work. None of the baseboards or crown molding matched or was cut to match up evenly with the adjoining pieces. It looked awful and needed to come down. I was happy to get rid of it all and have a clean slate to work with. Next I began priming the walls. Here is the progression of one then two then three coats of primer!

After three coats of primer, it was time to paint! I decided to go with Alabaster in Eggshell in my favorite go to paint Behr Ultra! It’s a nice warm white that really brightens up the space.

For now I have only applied one coat of paint. I will need to touch up a few spots in certain areas. But after four layers of painting I needed a bit of a break. I then caulked the door frames and a few gaps in the paneling. These areas I will also need to go back over with a coat of paint. It is so crazy what just paint alone in a room can do to transform a room!

Next my focus was the ceiling. I started by replacing the light fixture. I was so excited to put it up!

It gives off a ton of light and really makes a statement in the room! I am obsessed! I then focused my attention on what type of ceiling treatment I wanted to add. There are essentially three panels attached to the ceiling where you can see gaps in between them. SO, I needed/wanted to add planks to the ceiling to cover that mess up. I used 1/4 in plywood stripped down into 6in strips as my planks. I simply used a paint stirrer stick as my spacer. Then using my nail gun, I used 2in brad nails to secure the planks to the ceiling. Here is a progress shot!

Sadly, I ran out of plywood so will need to make a trip back to Home Depot for more. Here is how far I got with the planked ceiling! What color should I paint the planks?! I am so torn. I have always wanted a black ceiling but don’t know if this is the right space for black. I also have always wanted beams?! Maybe white planks with faux wood beams?! So many decisions!!!

Crazy what paint, a new light fixture and the start of a planked ceiling can do to transform a room. I can see the vision and I can not wait to keep working on this room! Follow me on Instagram for more updates! Until next time XOXO.

3 thoughts on “Sunroom Renovation – One Room Challenge – Week 2

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