Sunroom Renovation – One Room Challenge – Week 1

My fixer upper journey continues! This time I will be tackling my sunroom. I am joining as a guest participant in the Spring 2021 One Room Challenge. Over the next eight weeks I will work to transform and update my space along with so many other individuals, check them out here!

Do you have a room in your house that is really really badly in need of a renovation? This is that room in my house. I bought my home in August 2018 and haven’t touched this back room/sunroom. It is in desperate need of an update. Brace yourself here are the before pictures!

I warned you, it is a hot mess!! It can only get better from here. Although it may be hard to see how this could turn into a beautiful space, I can see the vision and am so excited for the transformation. I have hired a contractor to help with a large portion of this sunroom. In order to bring it up to code, the foundation essentially needs to be re-done. Therefore the contractor will work on removing the existing concrete then pouring new concrete with all of the proper “up to code” things. He will also install new windows, siding, door, and roof. Here are some shots of the exterior! Warning, even scarier…

The contractor was not able to start quite yet, so I got a head start by clearing and cleaning everything out! Man oh man did it feel good. I removed everything in the room. Why there was a lawn mower in the sunroom is beyond me? Off to the garage that went. I got rid of the broken blinds and old gross blue carpet that came with the house. I had forgotten that the previous home owner smoked. After removing the carpet the room reeked of smoke. I scrubbed all of the walls down, vacuumed and aired the room out. It already felt so much better by giving it a blank slate. Here is a progress picture after week one!

You can see that the lower concrete area is cracked and not level. The ceiling will also need attention, I have some ideas in mind for that! I love a good ceiling treatment. I am waiting to do a large amount of the work until the contractor is done with his portion. In the meantime I have been shopping, and planning. Here is my design board. I am going with a moody boho vibe? Is that a thing, or did I just make that up? You can find links to my sunroom design board here.

I am hopeful that the contractor will be able to get started soon. In the meantime I will start painting, patching the walls, etc. I can not wait to update this space, thanks so much for reading! Talk to you next week with week two updates! In the meantime follow along with me on Instagram for more! I love connecting with you all. XOXO

3 thoughts on “Sunroom Renovation – One Room Challenge – Week 1

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