DIY Board and Batten Accent Wall with Hooks!

I put up this super cute wallpaper about a year and a half ago and loved it. But, recently I have been wanting to jazz it up a little bit. I decided to add a board and batten with some hooks and fell in love with this little wall in my house all over again!

Here is the before! Here is the link to the wallpaper! And here is my post on how to install wallpaper!

I headed to Lowes and picked up some lumbar! I purchased these tongue and groove boards! They are 8ft tongue and groove wall planks! I picked up 6 for my small little wall which was 42in wide! I also purchased a 1inx4inx4ft whitewood board!

I brought the wall planks home and originally cut them to 5ft tall but decided to shorten them to 4ft tall because I didn’t want all of the wallpaper to disappear. Here’s the first board up before I trimmed it down to 4ft.

I secured each board with 2in brad nails using my nail gun! I connected each wall plank by sliding in the tongue to the adjacent groove.

After the wall planks are finished being put up I cut my 1x4in board to the width of the wall and nailed it in place right on top! I then used 120 grit sandpaper to smooth all of the wood down!

Then I caulked all of the gaps and spaces between the wood, where the wood meets the wall, and where the baseboard meets the floor. I then smoothed out the caulk and waited for it to dry!

Next, I did two coats of primer to prep for paint!

Then I decided on a paint color! I went with calico cream in eggshell which nicely tied in my trim in my sunroom with the window trim in my kitchen and just so happened to match the beige in the wallpaper! After that dried I put up these hooks I purchased from a local shop!

Next, it was time to decorate! I just love how much character this brought to the small space! Follow me on Instagram @abbbclark_homeee for more DIYs just like this and more!

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